1000 Englewood Parkway



UPPER LOT: This is where we encourage you to park! It is accessible, with plenty of parking, and is the most direct route to Hampden Hall. You can enter this lot from 285 (W Hampden Avenue) – turn RIGHT just past the Tokyo Joe’s & Jamba Juice and before the Chuck-E-Cheeze. But be careful – if you miss the turn, there is no direct way to get back!


You can also enter the Upper Lot through the Lower Lot. Turn RIGHT into the parking garage from S Inca Street, then drive straight through until it turns left up a ramp. At the top of the ramp, you will be on the Upper Lot – the main entrance to Hampden Hall will be to your left.


CIRCLE: Parking in the circle will bring you to the Northeast entrance – be warned, there are a lot of stairs! Spaces are limited in this area, so we recommend the Upper Lot. If you do come in this way, go up the stairs to the second level, turn LEFT, and join us in Hampden Hall at the other end of the building.


LOWER LOT: We will not be using this entrance, and it will be closed and locked for all services. If you park in the Lower Lot, hop back in your car and meet us on the Upper Lot!