Every year our church participates in an event that has a huge impact on the families in our parish. Bishop Elementary school is just a few blocks from our building and many of the families there are not able to buy gifts for their kids at Christmas. This, of course, is a window into the deeper, more systemic issues of poverty in our neighborhood. The Christmas Store allows us to provide for a real and immediate need in our community but also to build relationships that can help with the lasting, long-terms needs they face. It’s one of my favorite events of the year.

There are two primary ways that people can be involved:

  1. Volunteer at the store. On Saturday, DEC 8 over 100 volunteers will descend upon Bishop to set-up, facilitate, and tear-down the Christmas Store. These volunteers will also help with childcare, wrapping, and a variety of other things. It takes a village to pull this off and we need your help! Click here to sign up.
  2. Donate Christmas gifts. The store that we create in the gym at Bishop is made up of gifts that each have a value of $25. We sell them to families for $5 each with gives them the agency to buy their own gifts but at a rate that is affordable to them. In order to make this happen we need hundreds of gifts for kids ages 0-18. Think creatively about this! Some people get their co-workers and neighbors involved. The more gifts we collect the more families we can bless this Christmas.

Please drop off gifts on Sundays from 3-7PM at 3220 S ACOMA. We hope to see you there on the 8th!