On Sunday, MAR 31 our church celebrated our 3rd Anniversary. Throughout this week we’ll be posting highlights from our third year together.

Dear friends at The Sacred Grace,

Congratulations on your anniversary of influence and love in the City of Englewood! If I could be to celebrate with you I would, but hopefully these words will be an affirmation of the important work you are doing and that God is doing in you and through you.

I could not be more thankful for the constant encouragement, commitment and action your parish has taken to live your mission in our city. Whether it be helping in crisis such as our flood last summer, caring for those experiencing homelessness, contributing to neighboring through multiple outreach and open events to all, or growing people in their faith and practice of the gospel, your care and love for the community is palpable. You are an example and great partner for other faith communities, something that has not always been normative in Englewood. Your willingness to reach beyond the boundaries of your own faith practices and extend friendship and partnership to others in making Englewood a healthy community is inspiring.

Personally, I am always encouraged and sense partnership for my work on council every time I enter your presence for worship or meet with your leaders and parishioners. I have appreciated your thank you notes, your prayers, and your thoughtful comments and encouragement. Your kindness, commitment to prayer, and all-around fun-loving nature is what makes you all authentic. Thank you for being serious in your faith and generous with your kindness and grace.

Congratulations on another year of your calling in Englewood. May this next year be one of joy and deep growth. God bless you all as you continue your journey of living a life of faith in Englewood.

With deep respect,

Linda Olson

Mayor, Englewood City Council District 2