Generosity Prayer

Our Generosity Prayer. We pray this together each and every Sunday. We believe that the words we say take root in our hearts and come out in our actions. We, as a church, desire to be defined by generosity. We encourage you, with your family, friends, and neighbors, to pray this prayer together so that you may be continually turned toward generosity. Blessings!

All that we have we have received from God. We bring nothing into this world and we take nothing out of it. 
We choose to follow the way of Jesus and increase in generosity until it can be said, “There is no one in need among us.”
We choose to resist envy, greed, gluttony, and sloth as these plunge our hearts to ruin.
We choose to be faithful stewards of all our resources: relationships, time, possessions, & money.
We choose to be generous because our Father is generous, and as His daughters and sons we want to show the world what He is like.