LENT 2021

The season of LENT is upon us.

Ash Wednesday is one of my favorite days of the Christian calendar because it is stark, simple, and contemplative. No matter how good you are at avoiding or deflecting, you are faced with your reality and circumstances in a powerful way. Ash Wednesday doesn’t have to be a somber or scary experience; rather, it’s meant to be an honest one. It’s a chance to look inwardly and see some things that you might have been avoiding or ignoring and then outwardly at how you are engaging or avoiding the world around you.

You can watch our Ash Wednesday service HERE if you missed it. 

But Ash Wednesday is just the beginning of Lent. The season itself is about giving up and taking up: giving up that which distracts us from the work of God and taking up rhythms and practices that helps us join God in what he’s doing in and around us. It is a time for introspection but also analysis and evaluation of what God is doing in our community. Lent is meant to develop clarity and simplicity. It is meant to prepare us to engage ourselves and our neighbors just as they are, not as we wish things were.

Join our Lenten mid-day prayer rhythm at thesacredgrace.com/prayer.

Our Sunday services will be focused on both the season of Lent and the Upper Room Discourse from John 13-17. We’d love for you to join us online at 9AM or 5PM at tsgeng.org/live or in-person at the 9AM service. Advanced registration is required to attend the 9AM service in person. Please visit tsgeng.org/rsvp to register. We hope you’ll join us on Sundays however you feel most comfortable.

CLICK HERE to join a 21-day reading plan and devotional assembled by a church in Mumbai.