Local Impact

Join us this Sunday at 5PM for the continuation of our PROVERBS series.

Sometimes I get bogged down in the numbers. I read about an influx of refugees or the acreage of a wildfire and feel overwhelmed, like there’s nothing I could ever do to affect change in a situation like that. It’s easy to simply flip-flop to the other side and give in to complacency: “If I can’t do something significant, I guess there’s nothing I can do.” But when I shrink my world a bit and think about what’s happening in my immediate vicinity – my neighborhood, my home, my church – I see real opportunities to make a real difference.

A few weeks ago one of our homeless neighbors, John Keller, was found dead in a dumpster at the King Soopers by our church building. John was born and raised in Englewood and had been to our church and Community Dinner a few times. There were a lot of things that ailed John but I found him to be inspiring, encouraging, and kind. Although I can’t solve homelessness, I can do something to care for our homeless neighbors. We will be co-hosting a memorial service for John at Giving Heart on Tuesday, July 10th at 12:30PM. All are welcome. This will be an important event for encouraging our homeless neighbors and honoring a great man.

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See you on Sunday!

Nathan Hoag, Parish Pastor