More than Worship Gatherings

Join us this Sunday at 4:15PM for EASTERTIDE HAPPY HOUR and at 5PM for the continuation of our EASTERTIDE season & series. 

I find that most people whittle a church down to their weekly Worship Gathering. How was the music? The preaching? The kids’ programs? These are all great questions and all should be a high value for a church. However, one of our roles as a church is to send our people out to their jobs, families, and neighborhoods better equipped to follow the way of Jesus and to flourish in those domains. This is why we work hard to curate meaningful and pertinent resources for the people of our church and parish.

A resource that we are especially excited to highlight this month is a conference we’re hosting at our church called EMPOWERED TO CONNECT. This conference is designed to equip parents, educators, childcare providers, and anyone who works with children regularly to develop healthier, trust-based relationships with their children. A generous family in our church has made a donation to make this conference more affordable at only $10 per participant. Please consider joining us April 27-28 for this event!

We hope to see you this Sunday for the continuation of our EASTERTIDE season & series.

Nathan Hoag, Parish Pastor