Neighboring Grants

Join us this Sunday at 4:15PM for EASTERTIDE HAPPY HOUR and at 5PM for the continuation of our EASTERTIDE series. 

In our first year God taught us how to move UP toward him through songs and prayers, teaching and communion. In year two God taught us how to move IN toward each other through Community Dinner, Table Groups, and Welcome Dinners. We strongly believe that year three will be a lesson in moving OUT toward our parish: the city of Englewood.

We announced this past Sunday that we will create opportunities this year for our church to care for Englewood through Civic Engagement, Schools, and Neighbors. Please consider which of these three avenues God is compelling you to invest in. Here’s your first opportunity:


We want to make resources available to you so you can get to know and serve your neighbors. These could be the people who live on your block or an under-resourced population that your Table Group wants to serve. You can plan a summer block party or host a parents-night-out event. Be creative! We are excited to see how you plan on using this grant money to know and care for your neighbors. View the application here.
See you on Sunday!

Nathan Hoag, Parish Pastor