Our Move to Hampden Hall

Feel free to watch our FAMILY MEETING – all the information, whether you watch or read, is the same!

Why are we moving locations?

  1. Acoma cannot accommodate our steady growth.
  2. Acoma is being sold. 
  3. Building ownership doesn’t accomplish the mutuality that renting does.
  4. We would like to consolidate to one service for the sake of unity.
  5. Two services have become taxing and we’d like to reallocate resources into IN & OUT rhythms.

Why did we choose Hampden Hall (HH)?

  1. It is close.
  2. It is in the heart of the building that operates the city.
  3. It isn’t too dissimilar from Acoma.
  4. It seats 200 people (about twice what we experience on a full Sunday currently)
  5. It allows us to accept help from the city and to make a financial investment into the city.

What is this going to cost us? Are we being fiscally responsible?

  1. 2021 financial goals: raise an extra $10k over budget, spend $10k under budget. We spent $8k under and raised $20k over. That was added to savings and will help with the cost of this transition. 
  2. This year, our goal is to increase recurring giving. We are at 65% recurring (which is awesome) and I want to get that to 80% by the end of the year. You can help with that by setting up a recurring gift and or increasing your recurring gift if you can.
  3. HH is going to cost us more than using Acoma but that’s to be expected since it’s bigger. We aren’t doing a capital campaign or anything but we invite you to increase your giving if you can.
  4. We needed to purchase some equipment, to the tune of about $10k, and I am ethically conflicted about that. I’m going to raise an extra $10k this year to invest in housing solutions for our neighbors experiencing homelessness. 

What logistics have we thought through?

  1. 1000 Englewood Parkway
  2. 2 entrances: Library and top of parking deck. Top is ideal.
  3. Driving directions from Acoma. Walking/biking directions from Acoma. 
  4. Doors will be locked when closed so our volunteers will prop them open about 20 minutes before the service (9:40). 
  5. A hospitality volunteer will be in the Atrium during the service to provide information to people who come in through the doors. (training for those volunteers coming soon)
  6. Kids in Community Room or Atrium (TBD)
  7. Coffee and kids check-in in the Atrium
  8. Bathrooms in the Atrium and in a hallway off the auditorium
  9. Portable chairs in two sections with a center aisle 
  10. 60-minute service (same liturgy we’re doing now)
  11. Trying to be out of there by 11:30.
  12. Restaurants – so many close by
  13. Community Brunch – plans TBD

What do we need in the next 2 weeks?

  1. Hospitality Team – We need you! Our team needs to double in size so we can accommodate multiple entrances, more foot traffic than we get at Acoma, and just better hospitality than we’ve been providing.
  2. Kids Team – A couple of our classes need some additional volunteers.
  3. Show up – Be there on the 13th! And commit to being there for the season of Lent. Maybe that’s the practice that you take up?
  4. Be gracious – We’ve been working on this non-stop for months and it’s not going to be seamless. We’re an imperfect community with limited resources doing our very best. So, be gracious as we work out the kinks. 

We are excited about what is ahead of us! If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Nathan (nathan@thesacredgrace.com) or Maggie (maggie@thesacredgrace.com).