Pentecost Begins

Join us this Sunday at 5PM for the beginning of our PENTECOST series.

The Englewood Police Department had a busy day yesterday. There was an active shooter just a few blocks from our church building and a suicidal man holed up in his basement threatening both himself and his neighbors with a gun on the south end of town. Intertwined with the moments of serenity in our little town are moments of chaos, fear, and loss.

It’s easy to insulate ourselves from the things that threaten us and our neighbors, holing ourselves up in our homes and clinging to privacy, security, and anonymity. But that’s not what we’ve committed ourselves to. A parish church is one that is intimately involved in every element of our city. That starts with knowledge (who? what? where? when? why? how?) and over time moves toward action (what’s the best way to care for this person or place considering their/its past, present, and future experiences?). There are two ways I’d like to invite you to learn about and care for our parish:

1. THANKFUL THURSDAY: Tonight at 7PM. Join us at the Englewood Grand to write thank-you-notes to the people who serve this city day in and day out.

2. NEIGHBORING GRANTS: Throughout the summer we are making small grants available to you, the people of our church, to host great parties, events, and gathering to get to know and learn to care for your literal neighbors. You can view and begin the application for a grant here.

See you on Sunday for the beginning of a new season and series!

Nathan Hoag, Parish Pastor