Reading & Listening Intentionally

We strongly believe that a healthy internal world is an oft-overlooked and yet extremely important part of being human. During a pandemic, there is more time for self-reflection, self-discovery, and self- adjustment. Here’s how we recommend people grow on a personal level in this season:

Read & Listen Intentionally: For many, there is more time for reading books and articles and listening to podcasts and radio. However, the deluge of information about Coronavirus/COVID and subsequent orders from government can be all-consuming. We encourage people to be selective in what they read/listen, how much they read/listen in a particular category or genre every day, and to try to diversify their intake.

For instance, perhaps limiting yourself to one pandemic-related article or podcast per day or week. Or, maybe only read that which is recommended to you by a trusted source.

Diversifying your intake is also very important for health and wholeness. Read or listen to a section of the Bible. Read or listen to some fiction. Read or listen to something that makes you feel grounded, or joyful, or grateful. Don’t overwhelm yourself. These are simply suggestions. Most of us consume more data than we realize on a daily basis and often times we are at the beckon call of whatever makes it to the top of our feeds. Take control of what you consume. Be selective but also diverse in the ways that you consume information, literature and podcasts.