Serve our Neighbors

Join us tonight at 7PM for Thankful Thursday and this Sunday at 5PM for the continuation of our EMPIRES series.

Englewood is home to a diverse population. As I’ve gone door-to-door to meet our neighbors I’ve met people from all over the world, of all different ages, skin color, economic realities, and educational backgrounds. Our parish is a beautiful tapestry of humanity that provides us with a myriad of opportunities to serve and care for our neighbors.

On September 8, the whole city will be participating in a day of service to take care of 15 homes that need help. Our church is going to focus on three of our neighbors whose homes need some work before winter rolls around. We need at least 20 volunteers to meet our neighbors’ needs!

We are excited to serve our neighbors in this way! Please plan on joining us for this great day of service.

Nathan Hoag, Parish Pastor