Black History Month | Prayers of Celebration and Lament | Week 2

We celebrate the artistic influence that black artists have had on this country. From music, to art, to literature, to dance, and film, we honor the creativity, passion, and excellence of those who have changed this country for the better. We ask that you continue to raise people of color to places of honor.

We thank you, oh Lord.

We lament the present racial tensions in the US that continue to cause people of color to suffer We lament the lasting effects of redlining that continue to disadvantage people of color all over our nation; preventing economic growth, trapping families in poverty, and perpetuating disparaging views of minority groups. We pray for favor for individuals and families of color in the eyes of those who hold power, and we ask for wisdom and strength for all who fight discrimination. 
Lord, have mercy.

Author: Hosanna Deseno

Artist: Zsudayka Nzinga