Black History Month | Prayers of Celebration and Lament | Week 3

We celebrate authors and artists like Austin Channing Brown, Michelle Alexander, Beverly Daniel Tatum, and Vashti Harrison. Their courageous work has beautifully and brilliantly educated and informed about the challenges and discrepancies people of color face every day. We pray for more people to use their voices and experiences to help our nation heal and reconcile.

We thank you, oh Lord.

We lament the racial divisions in our country that so often keep people of color and white people at odds. White fragility, white privilege, and so-called colorblindness too often cause white individuals and communities to ignore and overlook the gifts, values, and contributions of people of color in every area of our society. We pray against division and ignorance and we pray for healing and reconciliation.

Lord, have mercy.

Author: Hosanna Deseno

Artist: Vashti Harrison