Black History Month | Prayers of Celebration and Lament | Week 4

We celebrate the many writers, artists, and Pastors of color who have profoundly impacted this country by calling out the truth and living lives of costly faith. People such as Tyler Burns, Jackie Hill Perry, Jemar Tisby, and Rev. William Barber have courageously stepped up to inspire and challenge people of faith and to unite the Church at large. We thank you for their influence throughout the nation.

We thank you, oh Lord.

We lament the disproportionate incarceration of people of color in the US prison system resulting from heavy-handed and harsh punishment for petty, non-violent crimes. We pray against school to prison pipeline that keeps families of disadvantaged backgrounds in a cycle of poverty and trauma. We ask that the grace and mercy so often given to the white population in the justice system will also be given to people of color, so that the law will create restoration rather than destruction.

Lord, have mercy.

Author: Hosanna Deseno

Artist: Murjoni