JUSTICE FOR _____________

God of Justice,
We thank you for the justification you have accomplished on our behalf through your son Jesus. Although we do not always observe justice at street level, we know that you have fought for and achieved spiritual and eternal justice for your people.

We pray, Lord, that justice would roll down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream. We lift up the justice systems in our cities in prayer. We lift up those who make laws and those who are in charge of enforcing them. We pray for those who continually fall victim to the massive flaws in those systems. We ask for wisdom, Lord. We ask for healing, Lord. We pray, with hopeful heart, for the restoration of justice on our streets.

You know the many names on the growing list of those who have been senselessly killed in recent days. You know the names of those who have fallen victim to injustices big and small. You know every hair on their head, the color of their eyes, the children who call them daddy or mama. We pray for justice for each of them.

May it be so.

Teach us patience and humility, Lord. Justice is slow and sometimes never comes at all. Yet, we put our trust in you, God of Justice, and pray your kingdom come and your will be done in our cities as it is in heaven.

Lord, have mercy.