Eastertide 2017


Jesus showed up to announce the arrival of Kingdom of Heaven and his work was to begin spreading that news & laying a foundation. Then, his resurrection changed everything, freeing us to partner with God in the work Jesus started! And Jesus passed that work on to us, telling us we would do even greater work than he did if we will but live into the truth that we are loved, we are free, we are alive, today! Therefore, because of the resurrection, we are compelled to have imagination for what that greater work might look like in our lives & world. We are compelled to have a resurrection imagination!

Join us, as we spend a few weeks exploring idea of resurrection imagination, as we continue to cultivate imagination together for how we can join God in the work he’s already doing in our lives, our community, city, our world.

Let us be surprised by open & empty tombs.
Let us be surprised by what God is doing and calling us to be part of.
Let us be surprised by things we never expect to happen.
By resurrection and new life!