Epiphany 2019


The season of EPIPHANY is the annual exploration of that movement, posture, and plan that Jesus’ arrival initiated. In EPIPHANY we discover and rediscover the light that has come into the world to shine throughout the darkness. That light brought and brings GLORY TO GOD & PEACE TO ALL PEOPLE.

What was Jesus’ posture toward the rich, the poor, the outcast, the minority, the religious, women, the corrupt, the sick and disabled? Luke records Jesus’ interactions with these people groups and more in his first book and we are going to go story-by-story, week-by-week to experience how Jesus approached these people.




Introduction to Epiphany | Nathan Hoag | January 6, 2019

Jesus & the RELIGIOUS | Jared Mackey | January 13, 2019

Jesus & the POOR | Nathan Hoag | January 20, 2019

Jesus & the OUTSIDER | Michelle Warren | January 27, 2019

Jesus and WOMEN | Nathan Hoag | February 3, 2019

Jesus and the RICH | Jason Janz | February 10, 2019

Jesus and the CHRONICALLY DISABLED | Nathan Hoag | February 17, 2019