Epiphany 2020

“May we trust that our questions will guide us to the source of truth and light.”

EPIPHANY: a season of discovery. A season of revelation and relevance. A season to re-evaluate, re-invigorate, and re-orient. 

We plan to spend EPIPHANY exploring and discovering together in the form of a Question & Response series. You ask the questions and we provide responses to as many as we can in the form of a homily every Sunday night throughout the season. It’s a great series to invite friends and family to participate in. Anyone can submit questions, whether they are part of our church or not. 

Submit as many questions as you’d like here in a DM or at tsgeng.org/questions

What does the Bible Say? | Nathan Hoag | 1.5.20

Divisive Issues | Jared Mackey | 1.12.20

Jesus & Politics | Nathan Hoag | 1.19.20

Paul & Women | Nathan Hoag | 1.26.20

The Problem of Evil | Nathan Hoag | 2.2.20

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