Essentials 2016

Life is Sacred, God is Grace

Each of us was created with intention and called by God. Our sin and brokenness muddle that intention and mute our ability to hear God’s call. But because of God’s lavish grace for us, seen in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus destroying sin’s power in our lives, we can recover that original intention and hear God’s call again. As we talk about who we are becoming, we are talking about becoming who we really are, our truest selves, the people God created us to be. The most common questions we ask in this endeavor are “What is life?” “Who is God?” and “How do I respond?”Join us, as we explore these questions and talk about our values as a community: Life is SACRED, God is GRACE, we respond by moving and growing UP toward God, IN toward each other, and OUT to the world. These are the targets we’re aiming for, the direction we’re moving, who we are becoming, together as The Sacred Grace Englewood.