Lent 2020

Giving up what distracts … taking up what connects…

LENT is a season for listening and longing. In that regard, it is not dissimilar in its relationship with Easter as Advent is to Christmas. It is meant to build anticipation, excitement, and awareness as the days grow longer and Easter grows closer.

Many traditions ignore this season altogether and others practice some version of fasting throughout. Our hope is to provide for you a paradigm of giving up and taking up: giving up what distracts us from the peace of Christ and taking up what connects us to the grace of God. It is through that paradigm that we tend to see and experience the surprising work of the Spirit among us as we approach the jubilation of Easter.

Blessed are the Poor in Spirit | Nathan Hoag | 3.1.2020

Blessed are those who Mourn | Kevin Penfold | 3.8.2020

Blessed are the Meek | Nathan Hoag | 3.15.2020



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