Lent 2021

Giving up  … taking up …

For some, Lent is seen as a season of sorrow because we are made aware of our sin and therefore should wallow in pity and pain. While there is certainly an element of sin discovery throughout the season, Lent is more about exposing those sins or areas of brokenness so that we can celebrate the resurrection with vigor and joy. It is a season of preparation, anticipation, and ready-making. It is meant to be filled with a similar longing to that of Advent.

Sometimes, instead of facing our sin or pain, we medicate ourselves or distract ourselves so we don’t have to really get to the bottom of them. Our regular lifestyle doesn’t often allow enough space to really look inwardly to discover the things that are keeping us from being close to God. That’s what Lent is for: giving up one or two things that we might use to keep us from being honest about what’s really going on.

We also believe Lent is a time to take something up. These should be practices that help draw us closer to God. Perhaps you could use the prayer cards we’ve created for Lent, or maybe this reading plan that will take you through our teaching text for the season. Or maybe you’ll join us daily for our daily prayer rhythm. Or maybe you’ll come up with something else. We hope you will choose a practice or two that will help you draw near to God.

Lent is a great season and doesn’t have to be daunting. We hope it’s a time for creating space and longing to listen to God and to draw near to him.



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