Each July we join with a few other churches in the Denver area and share a text, a series, and one another’s pulpits. For this year we have chosen to go through the Psalms written by Asaph, a worship leader of the ancient Israelite people. Asaph’s Psalms put words to what the people of God desire to say to the Lord and what God desires to say to his people. We hope you will join us on Sunday evenings for this short 3 week series, but if you are unable to make it, this page will be updated with the latest podcast sermons.

God’s Word Against Injustice: Psalm 82 | Nathan Hoag | 7.14.2019 

A Longing Which Leads to Jesus: Psalm 74 | Kevin Penfold | 2.21.2019

Feeling “Ghosted” by God: Psalm 77 | Trevor Lee | 2.28.2019