Rooted 2019

“We lose something essential to our existence if we do not recognize our fundamental need for stability. Trees can be transplanted, often with magnificent results. But their default is to stay.” — Johnathan Wilson-Hartgrove

Our desire to be rooted is human, it is natural. We all want some level of stability and foundation in our lives. Unfortunately, our surrounding society has convinced us that this rootedness can be fabricated or synthetic when in reality it takes time, intention, and grace.

In our Rooted series, we will explore where we’ve each put down roots and where our root system is perhaps too shallow. We’ll talk about God’s intention for us and how that plays out in our relations, service, worship, and more.

Importance of Rootedness | Nathan Hoag | 9.22.2019

Rooted – UP | Nathan Hoag | 9.29.2019

Rooted – IN (Each Other)| Nathan Hoag | 10.6.2019

Rooted – IN (Ourselves) | Jared Mackey | 10.13.2019

Rooted – OUT| Nathan Hoag | 10.20.2019

Rooted – GRACE | Nathan Hoag | 10.28.2019