Nathan has called Colorado home for most of his life and loves being outdoors as he climbs, skis, and mountain bikes whenever time allows. Nathan is a graduate of Denver Seminary and ordained in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. Nathan has worked part-time for Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey since 2013.  He was on staff at Cherry Hills Community Church from 2011 – 2015 and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Denver Rescue Mission.

Nathan and his wife Julie are foster, biological, and adoptive parents. They believe in making a deep and lasting impact in their neighborhood and seeing lives change at the ground level. Nathan is a big fan of the craft-everything movement in Denver and cares way too much about how his coffee is roasted.


Kevin and his wife Katelyn moved to Colorado in 2017 for Kevin to pursue a Masters of Divinity at Denver Seminary. Kevin and Katelyn found The Sacred Grace Englewood after struggling to find a church home for more than 3 months. In their words, they were, “captivated by the church’s dedication to community, care for the city of Englewood, and love of God,” and they have been attending The Sacred Grace Englewood ever sense. Kevin became an apprentice under Nathan in 2018 so that he could learn how to live and work as a Parish Pastor.

Kevin loved his experience working and learning under Nathan and sought more responsibilities. Today he is our Parish Director, heading up our volunteer teams, church communications, and special events. Feel free to contact Kevin if you are looking for more ways to get involved in our parish, or if you just want to sit down for some coffee, beer, or a burger.


Hosanna moved to Colorado in 2007 from Oxford, England where her parents served as missionaries for 8 years. She spent the early years of her childhood in Taiwan, China, and Japan. Growing up traveling around Asia and Europe, Hosanna developed an appreciation for varying cultures and different styles of worship.

She began leading worship in 2010, while teaching music, art, and providing care for people with disabilities. She is now a part time art teacher for homeschool students from kindergarten through 12th grade, and believes that both music and art can be a form of worship that can edify the church. She is passionate about drawing out the gifts in each person she meets, and strives to be an advocate for the poor, the oppressed, and the sick.


Lindy Soon Curry was born at the very end of the Korean War, found by an American serviceman, and taken to Hope Children’s Home in Jinhae, South Korea.  She was adopted by a loving, Christian family and came to live in Mt. Hood, Oregon in 1957 when she was estimated to be about four years old.

In 1991 Lindy married David Curry when they were both learning to play the Irish harp. They moved to Englewood, CO in 1992 and live a few blocks from TSGE. They adopted a baby girl from Korea and since she has grown up and moved out, Lindy has sensed God calling her to full-time ministry. She is attending Denver Seminary and pursuing a Master of Arts in Youth and Family Ministries to better equip her to attend to the spiritual needs of children and adults in her neighborhood.

Over the years she has been a preschool teacher, professional storyteller, and harpist; but being on staff with TSG has been the most fulfilling experiences of all because she has been able to use all of her gifts in one place to bring blessing to the kids, parents, and volunteers she works with.


Mike has lived in Denver for the last year after living in North Africa for nearly 10 years. During those years, Mike learned about the power of hospitality, relationships, and living holistically transformed lives. Since returning to the US, Mike has worked as a Pastoral Resident for Families, Youth, and Children at the Sacred Grace Englewood and TNL. He runs the children’s ministry, day camps, and facilitates parent roundtables.

Mike loves spending time with his wife Natalie, and their 2 boys in the mountains, in the pool, and on the road. He loves other cultures, getting to know people deeply, and seeing transformation that lasts. Mike also teaches Social Studies and Science in Mapleton Public Schools.